Ukraine, We Care 烏克蘭聲援禮盒捐款證明

Ukraine, We Care

感謝社會大眾一同支持響應, Aunt Stella 詩特莉於2022年3月19日推出「Ukraine, We Care 烏克蘭聲援禮盒」,截至2022年4月26日止共售出970盒,銷售收入扣除5%營業稅後之總金額「新台幣捌拾壹萬貳千玖佰伍拾貳元(NT$812,952)」,已全額捐贈予 @台灣世界展望會,支持「飢餓三十-烏克蘭難民兒童救援計畫」(公益勸募字號:衛部救字第1101363286號),集結消費者心意,為正受困於烏俄戰火衝突中的人民提供具實質意義的國際援助。讓我們一起持續關注戰爭對世界帶來的影響,願所有紛爭都得以理性解決,願不幸流離的難民皆能獲得實質援助,願和平早日降臨。

Dearest Aunt Stella Customer,

As we conclude our "Ukraine, We Care" Charity Campaign, we would like to thank you for your support and trust. Between March 19 and April 26, we sold 970 units of "Ukraine, We Care" gift boxes, reaching a total sales of NT$ 812,952 (after 5% sales tax). All proceeds have been donated to World Vision Taiwan, our choice of channel for this international donation. Your contribution to our efforts in making a difference means everything to us, especially as unrest continues in Ukraine and children and families are still in need of care. We hope social awareness in this matter will also continue and that we will see a peaceful horizon ahead.

Warmest regards,
The Aunt Stella Team