Ukraine, We Care


Aunt Stella 特於此響應、並號召大眾參與國際烏克蘭救援行動,一同為受戰爭影響之烏克蘭人民提供具實質意義的國際救助。



  1. ”Ukraine, We Care” 聲援行動(2022年3月19日至4月17日)
  • Aunt Stella 將推出1,200盒特製公益禮盒
  • 銷售之總收入扣除5%營業稅後,將全數捐贈予「台灣世界展望會」,為戰火下受難的烏克蘭兒童與其家庭提供物資及醫療等相關幫助
  • 2022年4月底完成捐款後,將於Aunt Stella官方網站及社群公開捐贈收據

  1. 喚起大眾對於俄烏衝突危機的關注
  • 即日起Aunt Stella官方社群將陸續分享相關資訊,期望您也能一同加入轉發,使更多人瞭解並關注此次事件對於世界與我們的影響。

身為世界的一份子,我們相信集結每份渺小的力量也能帶來滿滿溫暖與希望。誠摯邀情您並肩加入我們Loving Giving 愛的行動,讓我們孩子未來生活的世界,能因彼此的貢獻而變得更加美好。


Ukraine, We Care

As the world welcomed 2022 with new hopes of progress towards containing the pandemic, further instability arose when Russia launched its military operation in Ukraine in late February. The world has seen another humanitarian crisis unfold. One thing we know is that those affected in Ukraine will need all the help they can get during, and also after, the on-going events.

We, at Aunt Stella, are joining the international community’s response in supporting Ukraine. We hope our efforts will provide a meaningful impact for those in need of care, and would like to invite you to join our cause.

Our Action Plan

“Ukraine, We Care” Charity Campaign (March 19 - April 17, 2022)

  • Release 1,200 wooden gift boxes with special design for sale
  • Donate all proceeds(after 5% sales tax) from sales of the Ukraine, We Care gift box to World Vision Taiwan, for emergency relief and medical aid to children and families affected in and around Ukraine.
  • Release proof of donation on ourwebsite by the end of April 2022, after donation is completed.

Raise Awareness Through Social Media

  • Sharing information and current events about the crisis

We believe every little help counts. Please join us in the spirit of Love Giving, so that we can be the good that we want for our children for years to come.